Hi, we are Awakening The Wild

We believe in the genius of humanity to grow, adapt, heal and create beauty.  

We see all of life as sacred and together we remember our sacred belonging to our Mother Earth and our part to play in the reverence of all of life and for all our relations. We welcome a deeper relationship with life, with nature and our own true nature: to awaken the wild landscapes that live within, together we help each other to remember.

We recognise the need for connection, movement, touch, space to breathe, places to create together, to heal together, to sing and dance and laugh together, to sit around the sacred fire together, to tell good stories, life-affirming stories.

We produce a wide range of nourishing and healing events and programmes, both in-person and online, including rituals, ceremonies, gatherings in nature, workshops, courses, circles of men and circles of women. Individually we offer 1-1 mentoring and group work and love to share our creative medicine in many mediums. Mother Nature is our Master.

We have been blessed to receive teachings from many linages and wise elders. For the last 8 years we have been deeply immersed in the shamanism of Mother Goddess and the Four Elements, being apprentices of shaman XamAM Alba Maria from community of  Terra Mirim, Brazil. Ultimately, nature is our greatest Master, as we walk this path of self-knowledge an discovery. In love, saying Yes to life with all that it brings!

Please bear with us whilst we build our new beautiful website. Meanwhile follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and insights
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please get in touch via  Email:keef@bridgingworlds.online; info@awakeningthewild.com or Phone/WhatsApp: +44(0)7834703127


Whilst you wait for our new AWAKENING THE WILD website to birth into being, here is a taste of our offerings.

What's on - Coming Soon  

  • Portals of Possibilities - Donation Based Weekend for Men
  • Daughters of the Moon- Sweat Lodge Ritual for Women
  • ReSource  ONLINE - 6 Month Intensive Course -Movement Medicine & Somatic Soul Journey
  • Medicine MoveMENt - 1 Year Long Intensive Immersion in Person - Shamanic Soul Journey for Men
  • Whole Soul Encounter - 1 Year Long Intensive Immersion in Person - Shamanic Journey Mixed group
  • Wild Heart Men's Circles: online -opening of the new group                          
  • Voice of the Womb: Women's Circles -local in person, Brecon Beacons

Ongoing Palette of Possibilities

  1. Sweat Lodge Rituals
  2. Online Re-Sourcing Courses in Groups
  3. Year Long Intensive - Journeys for Men and Women
  4. Cacao and other Teacher Plant Ceremonies
  5. Movement Medicine Workshops/ Ceremonies/Immersions/Long Dances
  6. Nature Vision Immersions
  7. Sons of the Sun - Immersions for Men
  8. Daughters of the Moon -Immersions for Women
  9. Dancing with Death -Burial Ceremonies
  10. 1-1 Somatic body and soul sessions - in person
  11. 1-1 shamanic intuitive body massage, work with the elements and plants
  12. Wild Soul Mentoring - where somatic soul mentoring meets movement medicine. Online and in person.
  13. WeMoon Cycling Mentoring - 1-1 programmes for Women

Please get in touch if you would like more information and to be added to our mailing list. Follow us on Fb and Inst. for details and updates.