ReSource Online 2

Dimensions of Awareness 21 Portals of the Movement Medicine® Mandala “A map of human development and soul evolution” Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Khan, founders of School of Movement Medicine ReSource


Explore the benefits of developing a Movement Medicine practice as an embodiment resource for wholesome living with a strong circle designed to to be accessible to all men, regardless of experience or background. This is an invitation to journey deeply together, to work, play and pray together.

Awakening Potential

Introductory Awakening The Wild immersions, which provide an opportunity to dive into nature and community and a chance to experience some of the deeper shamanic practices, rituals and ceremonies that constitute our intensive immersions.

Dancing with Death

There are many ceremonies across time, space and culture that invite a deep self reflective engagement with the reality of our mortality as sentient beings. The Burial Ceremony is one such initiation.


A 6 month online intensive course of Movement Medicine and Soul Re-Sourcing practices and Mentorship with senior Movement Medicine Teacher and Somatic Soul guide Keef Wesolowski Miles