Wild Dance & Listening Circle for Men Online

Fortnightly Tuesdays- start 26th of March 2024  - 18.30-20.30 GMT (UK)

Explore the benefits of developing a Movement Medicine® practice as an embodiment resource for wholesome living with a strong circle designed to to be accessible to all men, regardless of experience or background. This is an invitation to journey deeply together, to work, play and pray together.

Every session will be built on the fundamental resourcing of essential Movement Medicine® practices. This will provide the rooted rhythm of regularity and repetition. The evolution and flow, or melody, of each session will be woven around a theme based on the Movement Medicine® mandala - such as yin/yang, the elements or the 5-dimensions of relational awareness and may also include other topics such as sexual energy, integrity, grief, gratitude or awe and wonder.

This is a safe space to develop a community of humans in male bodies that are looking for liberating structures and practices for accessing and developing their innate capacity to listen to and engage with the full somatic spectrum of how it is to be a living breathing human in a male body: to feel what is asking to be felt through the multiple ‘ways of knowing’ - movement, breath, sensation, sensuality, sexuality, sound, feelings, emotions and imagination and to express what is asking to be expressed through the moving body. As such, this is an opportunity to discover a little more about the blockages in our psyches that limit our capacity to fully live a meaning filled life and to build bridges between the dreams, desires and aspirations we have for our lives and the embodiment, incarnation or ‘lived experience’ of those dreams.

These sessions are for those seeking to take more responsibility for their personal healing journey in the various dimensions of their life and to access more of their golden gifts of wholeness in their personal experience as a body-heart-mind in relationship with others, community, nature, spirit and soul. They are also about resource, safety, inclusion, belonging and connectedness. Witnessing, sharing and ‘power beside’ are golden keys.

"The online Movement Medicine series, ReSource with Keef has been a solid foundation that has guided me deep within over the winter months. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to resource themselves through movement and inner work. There is also a good sense of community and the convenience of being able to journey from your own home" Josh Swords, Trauma Therapist / Breath Work Practitioner

There are countless well documented benefits that can be harvested from regular movement/dance practices that can have profound positive impacts on our physical resilience, psycho-emotional health, spiritual well being and social belongingness. Evidence shows that this is true for all humans regardless of age, gender, race and so on. There is a time to dance alone, there is time to dance in mixed groups and there is a time for men to meet together with other men and, of course, for women to meet with other women. Man-Groove is an invocation for MOVING MEN - physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and relationally.

“Keef’s a master of guiding these dances, helping me and my fellow dancers edge into the minutiae and the cosmic. I absolutely love these moments, and it’s one of the few things I have zero doubts about consistently showing up to!”  Jon Wiltshire 35, Ecological Communications, UK

Movement Medicine®

Is a body based movement meditation practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart, the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life.

“Movement Medicine is shamanic medicine for our times. It gives us direct, embodied experience of the dance of life that’s going on inside us and all around us. As a species, we face enormous challenges right now that we see as arising from the story of separation; separation between body and spirit, between individuals and nations, between the human world and the web of life we are part of and depend upon. Simply put, Movement Medicine reconnects us, deepening our capacity for empathy and compassionate being and action. Since prehistory, dance, song and ritual-making have played an important role in the human community. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this inheritance. It marries ancient and modern wisdom, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your own potential in co-creative community.” Susannah and Ya'acov Darling Kahn (Co-Founders of The School of Movement Medicine)
“ Movement Medicine® is a refined integration of ecstatic movement practice, psychotherapeutic wisdom, contemporary shamanism and neuroscience. It teaches you how to stand up, grow up and play your role! Learn to alchemise life's challenges into the gold of your soul.” Susannah and Ya'acov Darling Kahn - Co-Founders of The School of Movement Medicine


Subscription - minimum donation £20 pcm - 2 classes per month

Drop-in - £15-20 at your discretion

No man is excluded because of finances. Contact Keef directly if you need to pay less.

This is what happens

  • book class and receive Zoom link
  • please arrive ready to dance a few mins earlier
  • 18.30 brief introduction of the weekly theme followed by hour of Movement Medicine
  • 45-60 mins. Sharing Circle / Q+A. Note. Depending on the group size each week, it is unlikely that everyone will have the opportunity to share ESSENTIALS
  • Please arrive sober. This is a no drugs and alcohol space.
  • Please have either a decent speaker or headphones you can move with for the music
  • Good not to eat too much beforehand.
  • Have a bottle of water and notebook on hand
  • Wear clothes you can easily move in. Layers are good as your body temperature will fluctuate. Bare feet are recommended
  • Ensure you have an uncluttered space to move in for personal safety Ideally a space where you can emote and bring voice to your dance
  • Minimise distractions such as mobile phones and other gadgets
  • If possible it is optimal to have 30 mins either side of the session to arrive well and to rest and integrate after
  • Please take responsibility for you own physical and psycho-emotional well being and seek appropriate support if needed

We are currently building a new website that will have an automated payment system. For now, please contact Keef to arrange payments and receive Zoom links - pranamotion1@gmail.com / 07834703127

Keef Wesolowski Miles

As a group leader and guide, I bring 25 years of experience from multiple modalities. To support emergent soul-centric maturity and full spectrum engagement with life, I bring my ongoing experience as an evolving human being and student of life, wife and daughter. I provide intuitive support, creative inspiration, resilience resourcing, fierce compassion, humour, integrity, kindness and commitment. I have been teaching as a fully qualified Movement Medicine® teacher for over a decade and I am an initiate on the path of the Great Mother and the Four Elements as guided by shaman XamAM Alba Maria - Terra Mirim, Bahia, Brazil.

“Keef is an exceptionally gifted practitioner. His ability to hold space, even for very deep processes, to intuit and to channel divine flow allow me to really trust and surrender into the process. As a therapist myself, I truly appreciate Keef’s rare gift and the results I get from working with him. Our sessions give me the opportunity to explore and express, to reprogram and to move forward refreshed". Carolin Zeitler, Dance Therapist & Alchemist