Dates TBC, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Portals of Possibility

Portals of Possibility are introductory Awakening The Wild weekends for MEN which are a fantastic opportunity to dive into nature and a community of brothers while providing a chance to experience some of the deeper shamanic practices, rituals and ceremonies that constitute our intensive immersions.

The Core:

  • Movement Medicine
  • Cabana Sweat Lodge
  • Shamanic Dynamics
  • Teacher Plants, Animals and other Natural Allies
  • Community Medicine Circles

Over the weekend in the heart of Wales we will explore the shamanic circles, cycles and spirals of ‘soul-centricity' and discover ways in which the ego can be a delivery system for soulful living. We will spend deep imaginal time together in community and dream life affirming visions into being and hopefully have a lot of fun in meeting ourselves, each other and the other than human beings of nature.

This is a unique opportunity to explore being in community with a strong circle of brothers and to experience the medicine of nature-based spirituality, various somatic-embodiment practices, singing, dancing, working, playing, eating and praying together.

This will be a profoundly nourishing immersion into nature, nurture and ultimately our own true natures. It will invite a maturing evolution, a love revolution, in which we gather the tools and resources to embrace our wholeness and retrieve and alchemise our golden gifts that are hidden in the shadows and the wounds of our life stories.

It will be an opportunity to disconnect from technology and the business of our lives and to reconnect with our own somatic, soul-centric beings.

"Over the weekend we danced, screamed, cried, shared, meditated, hugged, and laughed together as brothers. It’s a level of authentic connection that can’t adequately be described - it has to be experienced. What I love about this work is that it doesn’t bypass the dark and sticky. In fact, we’re actively encouraged to dive deep into ourselves, and practise fierce compassion, where we offer our own authentic reflections back to the other brothers. We might not always like what we see, but the more loving reflections we receive, the clearer we can see ourselves. I’ve found that the more I courageously explore my shadow, the greater capacity I have for the light - the peace, compassion, and joy. Indeed, wholeness requires both a diving down and a reaching up: we need deep roots for our branches to soar to the highest heights.
It’s also very embodied work. The mind is a wonderful thing, but we also hold so much information in the body. I’m always amazed at what bubbles up when I drop down into my body, move, and listen.
​And it’s so powerful to witness others and be witnessed oneself. We can hold so much guilt, shame, and doubt. So when I share something and the other brothers don’t recoil or look away, it becomes corrective. When they see me, and raise their hands to say “me as well”, I feel less alone. Similarly, when I hear the sharings of others, I see myself in every single one of them.
It’s been utterly heart warming and reaffirming to connect with other men who are trying their very best to be the best men, partners, and fathers they can be. Men who are showing up in service of themselves and everyone around them. " Liam

The Portals of Possibility particularly serve as tasters for our two signature year long immersion

  • Awakening The Wild Man - A Shamanic Soul Journey  - a Year immersion guided by Senior Movement Medicine Teacher and Shamanic Soul Guide - Keef Wesolowski-Miles with support from Zama Coulling. Dates TBC
  • Whole Soul Encounter  - A Mythopoetic Odyssey - a year long,  mixed group, immersion guided by Keef Wesolowski-Miles and Aluna Wesolowska-Miles.

In the meantime, for more information, bookings or to arrange a free consultation call please email or message Keef / +(0)7834703127

Keef Wesolowski Miles

About Keef

As a group leader and guide, I bring 25 years of experience from multiple modalities. To support emergent soul-centric maturity and full spectrum engagement with life, I bring my ongoing experience as an evolving human being and student of life, wife and daughter. I provide intuitive support, creative inspiration, resilience resourcing, fierce compassion, humour, integrity, kindness and commitment.

We are relational beings, we are storytelling beings. I love to inspire passionate purpose and presence, resilience and resourcefulness and ultimately love, compassion and joy. I encourage people to shine their light on their ‘path’, personally and professionally, and to facilitate deepening awareness, responsibility and choice-fulness about the narrative lenses through which we perceive and engage with our lives, our relationships and the beautiful planet we live on.

Shamanism is at the core of this offering and the recognition that nature is our true nature and all life is precious and sacred. Contemporary scientific awareness, ancient indigenous wisdom and the dance of the cosmic joker - who knows he doesn’t know - are the three pillars of my approach. I have been teaching as a fully qualified Movement Medicine teacher for over a decade and I am an initiate on the path of the Great Mother and the Four Elements as guided by shaman XamAM Alba Maria - Terra Mirim, Bahia, Brazil. I am also a multi-qualified Yoga teacher. I am currently a trainee ‘Wild Mind Mentor’ studying the work of Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley and a student of the trauma informed Coaches Rising programme Power of Embodied Transformation. I offer Wild Soul Mentoring for men, women and couples, Awakening The Wild Man - Shamanic Soul Journeys, Wild Heart Sharing Circles for Men and mixed group Awakening The Wild offerings with my wife Aluna, including cabana sweat lodges, cacao and other plant ceremonies, Dancing with Death Burial Ceremonies and Nature Vision Immersions. My soul song manifests through poetry and prose as ‘Pachapapa’.

“Keef is an exceptionally gifted practitioner. His ability to hold space, even for very deep processes, to intuit and to channel divine flow allow me to really trust and surrender into the process. As a therapist myself, I truly appreciate Keef’s rare gift and the results I get from working with him. Our sessions give me the opportunity to explore and express, to reprogram and to move forward refreshed". Carolin Zeitler, Dance Therapist & Alchemist

" I started my men’s group work journey with Keef, which he held with so much compassion, integrity, wisdom, and humour. He’s big into getting people back in their bodies and dancing, as am I. It’s good shit. I also did a 5-week shamanic soul-retrieval process with him. I was amazed by how it was almost the perfect synthesis of many things I’d been studying - Jungian psychology, IFS parts work, trauma theory, etc. All wrapped up into a neat symbolic package. And again, he held it so well - it very much felt like I was in safe hands. I highly recommend Keef and his work. Get in touch if you fancy it" Liam


Minimum donation  of £100 + low cost accommodation fees approx £50-£100

Normally these weekends have a value of £295 + accommodation. Instead we are offering them for a minimum donation, to keep it as inclusive and accessible as possible. No man excluded because of finances.

We are currently recreating our website, so for the time being please contact Keef for an initial consultation, more information and to book your place. A non refundable £50 deposit secures your place.

Information and Bookings:

Accommodation & Food

The land that will hold us in Llaneglwys, near Brecon in Wales is absolutely stunning, with acres of woodland, a river flowing through, rolling hills and breath taking views of the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains in the surrounding areas. Likewise, the hall where we will dance has gorgeous views of Llangorse Lake and The Black Mountains. We will endeavour to explore as many dynamics as possible out on the land, especially the Cabana Sweat Lodge Ceremony in the woods by the river. The spectacular nature of the Brecon Beacons - lakes, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ancient woodlands are on the doorstep.

There are few affordable accommodation options available on the land: several rooms in the house, a shepherd's hut ideal for a couple/comfortable single and camping.

​On top of that, plenty of Airbnb options in the area. We can help you with finding the best place for you.

For booking and information please contact

Please, bear in mind that meals are not being provided for these weekends. To keep costs to a minimum, we invite brothers to bring their own food. We enjoy sharing and preparing our meals together.

Awakening The Wild Man- Evolution and Portals of Possibility

We are keeping these events super accessible and affordable. Why? Simple -  the time has come to grow the tribe and welcome new brothers into the community. Many men are realising that we need each other. The time of the ‘Lone Wolf’ is over. The time has come to gather with mutual love, support and respect.

Over the past several years we have journeyed deeply with 100+ men through our online Wild Heart Circles, our Wild Soul Mentoring programmes, our deep ‘in person’ gatherings such as ‘Sons of the Sun’ and ‘Elemental Heart Warriors’ and a plethora of Awakening The Wild classes, workshops, ceremonies and immersions. Through this wild journey of community, deep learning, self reflection, transformation and evolution, and in the context of the emergence of an abundance of ‘Men’s Work’ programmes, we have birthed Awakening The Wild Man into being.  

Awakening The Wild Man clearly defines, differentiates and celebrates our unique idiosyncratic offering in the wonderfully diverse world of contemporary men’s work offerings. So, please, feel absolutely welcome to join us- to dip your toes, splash in the shallows or dive deep into the ocean of Possibility that these Portal weekends invite.

"The weekend spent down in South Wales was a reminder for me to be myself and to be honest with myself and what my needs are. I went into the weekend with some scepticism, only a small amount but some scepticism non the less, about what might appear for me or how such practices such as dance, sweat lodges and share circles could produce such powerful and somewhat life-changing effects. Yes, I have danced before, yes I have shared things with people and yes I have been in a sauna but this was different, this was done in a way far beyond what it looked like on paper or what words could describe it to be (my words at least). I can truly say that my sceptical mind, albeit small, was put to rest after the first day.
The space that was given to all the men by Keef was nothing short of perfect. It allowed me to express myself in a totally safe and warm environment and learn more about myself through the movement of dance but also through talking and sharing with the other men and listening to their stories. For me being part of a weekend where men can let go of their egos, be open to total strangers and be vulnerable was a special and profoundly moving experience. I am already taking what I have learned in myself and witnessed in other men that weekend into my day-to-day life and have felt the growth around me, not only in myself but in the people, my friends and family who I interact with. The experience has allowed me to become more open and thus allowing people around me to do the same."
Tom Butel

What is distinct about this approach to men’s work?

There are many similarities and many differences between the Awakening The Wild Man approach and other approaches. Some are subtle, some strong and all are significant. Rather than offering a detailed critique or comprehensive breakdown of these differences and similarities we have chosen to highlight the ingredients which we feel are unique to Awakening The Wild Man. The intention here is to differentiate whilst simultaneously respecting and celebrating other approaches.

Essentially, Awakening The Wild Man is designed to ‘move’ men - physically, emotionally, psychologically, relationally, narratively and spiritually. To be more accurate - the intention is to cultivate the space in which each man is ‘moved’ by his experience of community, the practices, processes and ceremonies we engage with, by his experience of nature and life and ultimately by his experience of himself. This ‘movement’ is not entirely passive, it is also an invitation to actively participate in co-creative evolution. It is an invitation for each man to ‘move’ himself - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually and to move time and time again to the centre of his own circle with love, integrity, patience, persistence and kindness and from that place to move in and out of relationship with others - brothers, sisters and all of life - with the spirit of respect and reciprocity.  It is a medicine based movement, where we recognise the potential for anything to be medicine.

It is the ‘movement’, or ‘the dance’, that cultivates the possibility of ‘awakening’ in all dimensions of a man’s life and to remember his ‘wildness’, his essential animal nature and intelligence as a creature of The Earth who is inextricably interwoven with the entire web of life in which he has access to tremendous resourcing, belonging, creativity and as such - power and responsibility-  and the possibility of cultivating the spirit of reciprocity in all his relationships to such an extent that it becomes a no-choice-choice to keep making life affirming choices moment-to-moment for the duration of his Earth Walk. Hence - Awakening The Wild Man.

The four defining ingredients of Awakening The Wild Man:

  • Movement Medicine and other approaches to ‘somatic’ and ‘shamanic’ embodiment.

Perhaps the primary ingredient that makes this approach to Men’s Work unique is Movement Medicine.

"Movement Medicine is the bones of Awakening The Wild Man, the other nature based shamanic and somatic practices are the flesh, the community is the skin that holds it all together. Combined, these practices, ceremonies and the brotherhood create a body of work that is rooted in soul, open to spirit and held by the elemental allies and archetypes in the heart of our community of unity and freedom. A community where we encourage and resource ourselves and one another to embrace our unique mythopoetic identities in service to the wider web of life." Keef Wesolowski Miles

Movement Medicine is a body based movement practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart, the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life. It will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and the integrity and guidance of your own embodied soul. It is for anyone and everyone who wants to wake up, discover more of their creative potential, dance further than the mind can go, find community in a way that doesn’t require giving up individuality and find the courage to make your own unique contribution. In short, it’s for anyone who wants to include dance as a way to freedom, mindfulness, somatic awareness and fulfilment.

Since prehistory, dance, song and dance-based ceremonies have played an important role in the human community. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this inheritance. It marries ancient and modern wisdom, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your own potential in a co-creative community.

Somatic: ‘of the body’. Somatic processes and practices recognise the interconnection between the body, heart and mind and explore this interconnection and especially the positive and negative impacts of the body on the mind and the mind on the body. When interwoven with shamanic practices, processes and rituals it includes the soul, spirit and nature. It also includes the understanding that ultimately there is no separation between any dimension of being.

Shamanic:  Essentially shamanism is nature based spirituality. I particularly like this explanation of shamanism offered by ‘Dance of the Deer Foundation’:

“Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. The word shaman originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. Anthropologists coined this term and have used it to refer to the spiritual and ceremonial leaders among indigenous cultures worldwide. The word shamanism can be used to describe the ancient spiritual practices of these indigenous cultures. Clearly, the countless similarities between various ancient traditions played a role in the continual generalisation of the word. Over the past few decades, the term “shamanism” has been popularised throughout the western world, especially in new-age circles. Today, it can be difficult to distinguish between traditional forms of shamanism and modernised, often esoteric practices that utilise the term. One could view shamanism as the universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all indigenous tribes. As all ancient spiritual practices are rooted in nature, shamanism is the method by which we as human beings can strengthen that natural connection.”


“Embodiment can be simply defined as living life informed through the sense experience of the body.” Ann Saffi Biasetti, founder of An Embodied Life
  • Being HuMAN

Whilst acknowledging and engaging with the different biology, psychology, experiences and stories that influence and are particular to our journeys as men, this work is essentially about being humans who happen to be in a male body. Therefore this approach is more focused on celebrating, exploring and cultivating our wholeness and our humanity on evolving souls having a particular human experience.

We are less prescriptive about what it means to be a man than some other approaches and are more interested in cultivating our potential as human beings in relationship with all of life: intra-personally, inter-personally and trans-personally. The biggest difference that you need to know about between interpersonal vs intrapersonal communication is that interpersonal is between two or more people, and intrapersonal is between you and yourself. The transpersonal is a term used by different schools of philosophy and psychology in order to describe experiences and worldviews that extend beyond the personal level of the psyche, and beyond mundane worldly events.

  • Particular Archetypal Allies

Whilst we recognise and honour the value of other - mostly Jungian -  archetypes that permeate many other communities of Men’s Work and respect and salute the endeavours of those communities, we work with many different archetypes: primarily from Movement Medicine, and also from the work of Bill Plotkin, particularly the nature-based map of the human psyche as described in his book Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche.

For example: Dancing Warrior; Dancing Fool; Wounded Healer; Wise Elder; Inner Shaman/Alchemist/Medicine Man; Nurturing Generative Adult; Innocent Sage; Wild Indigenous One; Dark Muse Beloved

  • Specific Shamanic Practices, Processes and Ceremonies

For Example - Cabana Sweat Lodges; Burial Ceremonies; Nature Vision Immersions; Long Dances & other Movement Medicine practices, processes and ceremonies such as Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval,  Animal Intelligence and The Chambers of The Heart, Vicious and Medicine Circles and The Phoenix Process ; Plant, Animal and other Natural Allies - deep communal journeys into the natural elements of our psyches in relationship with other beings in the natural worlds.

Clearly, other Men’s movements work with practices, processes and ceremonies, which is great. What differentiates this approach, however, is the particular combination embedded specifically in the containers of The School of Movement Medicine (UK), the teachings of XamAM Alba Maria - Terra Mirim, (Brazil) and the Bill Plotkin’s Animas Valley Institute (USA).

“Keef led our men’s retreat and sweat lodge cabana in a way that all men would benefit from; it was sincere in that your pain was heard and recognised, but fun and light hearted at the same time so no one felt drowned in discomfort. The medicine from the cabana was all the more powerful as he’d helped us all open up through movement medicine and sharing circles. There was a lot of love shared, & so much care and attention that had gone into planning the weekend - and I left feeling full to the brim.

Being in nature with men is a life affirming process when you all share in your common joys and pains. Life is wondrous, and I felt it all the more strongly during that weekend. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a boost through the hard times. We’re brothers in arms and we’re here to support each other.” Jeremy Agnew

Keef created and held a space where a group of men could connect with each other through our hearts. It was an honour to be part of a workshop where everyone - us men of all ages and stories - radiated through our joint commitment to care for each other and remain open to potentially profound change. Several weeks later, I still feel a deep sense of calm and greater clarity of purpose thanks to feeling seen and held in the group. The beauty of experiencing men all consciously travelling the harder paths will always stay with me.” Richard Sparham, Teacher

Be Welcome